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Special Spare Toothbrush Soladey Mate G
Push type medicinal ion liquefied toothpaste

With the double power of a semiconductor (titanium oxide) and a solar panel, surprisingly high plaque removal is realized by brushing only with water!

The toothbrush has been advanced by solar power.
The toothbrush with a new idea for the next-generation "Soladey-J3X"

In recent years, the semiconductor (titanium oxide) that has attracted attention in many fields has been applied to the toothbrush. The special processing on plating raises the electrical current rate.
With special vapor attachment technology (plated using high technology, which means it is hard to peel off) , it is preeminently stabile.
Semi-permanent use is possible and replacement is also unnecessary. And a solar panel has low current and is safe for your health.

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The structure of titanium oxide with semiconductor can be smeared even remaining attached, since the main part can be used semi-permanently, it is economical because you only need to replace the spare brush. Moreover, in comparison with an ordinary toothbrush, it is ecologically friendly due to having few parts to throw away.

*The fully invigorating effects-of-the-medicinal ingredients spread through the mouth quickly.
*The medicinal effects spread through your mouth quickly; freshens up fully. The quantity needed for each use is one fifth that of ordinary paste; approximately 0.2g. Moreover, the disposed water can work as a water purification agent. (The photo catalyst function of semiconductor titanium oxide)
*The-push type container protects against over usage by controlling the quantity of toothpaste ejected with each push.
*The toothpaste is a liquefied gel that is user friendly. From children to adults, all family members will be comfortable using it.
* It helps to strengthen your teeth and gets rid of the possibility of cavities with its ion effect.


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